What type of shop does WorksTiming work best in?

WorksTiming was created to successfully operate in a "No appointment neccessary, service while you wait" shop that focuses on maintenance and inspection-based selling. Dedicated dealer, franchise operations and independent shops will benefit from WorksTiming.

How long does it take for an advisor to add a job in WorksTiming?

It takes 15 seconds to add a customer. You will get that back an average of 3 times by not having to answer job status questions.

How long does it take for a tech to draw, start and complete a job in WorksTiming?

Seconds. It actually speeds up the time it takes because it simplifies the process of finding and starting their next job.

How much does it cost?

The cost is monthly and it varies on the size of your shop, but in most shops it will be around $600 per month. See the pricing guide to determine what the cost would be to your shop.

How long does it take to get everyone trained to use WorksTiming?

It takes only a few days to orient your staff on how to use WorksTiming. Within a few weeks your team will begin to see the benefits of using WorksTiming. Video training and post-video tests will prepare your staff to successfully launch WorksTiming. New hires will also take the video training and post-video tests to ensure a successful start.

How does the mobile site work?

WorksTiming's mobile site gives your customers and staff the ability to mobily see your shop live, see their job, reserve a time, and know when their vehicle has been completed. Fleet accounts as well as your retail customers will appreciate this feature. To access the mobile site for your shop, enter yourshopname.workstiming.com. Click here for directions on how to add this site to your iPhone’s home page.

How many computers do I need?

WorksTiming will run on any internet-connected computer. You will need an internet-connected computer for each of your advisors/writers and one internet-connected computer for your techs. WorksTiming can be installed on the same computers that are used for creating and closing repair orders as long as they have internet access.

Can you help me with purchase and installation of the Customer Display Screen for my customer waiting area?

We can help with advice on arranging purchase, installation, and ongoing support of an internet-connected live Customer Display Screen in your customer waiting lounge. We recommend installing your Customer Display Screen after using WorksTiming for one month. This allows your staff to become competent with WorksTiming so the Promised Times are accurate.

What browser should we use for WorksTiming?

Google Chrome for PC and Safari for Mac are the best browsers to use, although WorksTiming will work on almost all of the latest browsers.

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