“How long is it going to take to complete my service?”

We struggled trying to meet our customers’ time expectations for maintenance service based on the manufacturer’s schedule. In all my 27 years in the service business this problem remained without a good answer. We kept thinking that it was a speed issue with our techs and continued to ask them to complete the work faster. This approach created quality problems and didn't solve our timeliness problem.

Our customers would ask “How long is it going to take to complete my service?” and we had no good way to answer. It was impossible to know how many jobs were waiting, how long they were going to take, and how long the technicians had to finish their active jobs. We needed a way to give this information to our customers so they could successfully plan their day.

After looking for solutions and finding none, I created one. WorksTiming answers this simple but all important “how long” question before the customer asks, provides the feedback on techs and advisors, and creates a simple, easy to follow operational path to success. WorksTiming will improve your customers' satisfaction, increase your work flow, and ultimately make your shop more profitable.

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Garrett Ming created WorksTiming after actively working 27 years in automotive retailing. He is a graduate of USC's School of Business and lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and family.

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